1. pillsy's Avatar
    Just read the article about the earnings report, and I really liked what was said about trying to have tiered data plans. My wife and mom are both on our family plan and neither have smart-phones. My wife has said multiple times "I want an iPhone!!!" after seeing other people at work using them. I tell her that I'm not spending $400 on a phone plus $50/mo on a data plan when she can't even remember to take her phone out of her purse to answer calls.

    I think opening up the market to "dumb-phone" users to give them options to upgrade to a smart-phone without committing to a full-boat data plan is the way to go. offer a-la-carte pricing, if at first just to get people in the door, but also, it's a lot easier for users to add things $3-5 at a time instead of knocking them over with a $50 monthly data fee. I hope this comes out soon and they really promote it, because I think they can gain a lot of users.
    03-30-12 10:32 AM