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    Good point.

    For the life of me, I have never understood the people who sneer at iOS and proclaim that it is "too easy."
    Its not that it is "too easy". Its simply that it has less features as a communication device.
    I'm not bashing on the iPhone at all.
    Its just that things like storing messages forever, notifications, LED notifications, speed dials (24), App launch shortcuts etc are out of the box on the BB. No apps required. You told me about the app for email on Android. I download it but it still didn't' have the same feel as the BB native mail handler. ALthough it gets the job done.

    It's just that the out of the box features on a BB are a little hard to get at simply because there are so many features. Maybe that's why people complain about iOS being "too easy".

    Basically you need to be a power user on iOS and Android to get these features but on a BB they are right there. No need to jailbreak or root.
    Its just that the menu options are extensive and complicated (which they would be to incorporate so many features) and it takes a little doing to get them running.

    I can totally see someone who has figured out the BB menu complaining about the iOS being "too easy". Its simple, not enough features out of the box makes the menu simple and user friendly, which is not a bad thing.

    As an aside, I saw a friend of mine activating the wifi on his iPad and logging on my 9900 hotspot. Coming from the Playbook environment, it made my head spin.
    Settings>Netowork>WIFI>Search WIFI>Connect to network

    The PB is so simple. Diagonal swipe from any of the top corners> Press the wifi icon, and touch the network you want.
    So sometimes "too easy" is good. Its good for the iPhone as the sales figures suggest. Less features which are easy to access means more people can access those features without doing extensive reading up. Not a bad thing at all.

    The BB does a lot of things better than iOS and Android out of the box. But you need to be a power user on BB as well to figure those out. While the basics are definitely easier on iOS and Android and most people are basic users.
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    iPhones are extremely easy to set up. It works right out of the box, now more than ever since you don't have to even hook it up to iTunes on your PC to get it started. No crazy set up menus. But, at the same time, not as much customization as BlackBerry out of the box. With BlackBerry you have sound profiles, fonts, etc.
    You definitely walk out working with your iPhone and no pamphlet needed, and if you do need it, the handbook is on the phone in Safari.
    11-30-11 04:09 PM
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    That's ridiculous. If I buy a shirt and the seam rips after only wearing it once, how is that my fault? Obviously I'm going to blame who I bought the shirt from. If the battery life on my iPhone4S is crap (which it's not), then I'm going to blame Apple. Or, if I buy a 9900 and 10 months later BBX comes out and I can't get BBX on my phone, I might be a little peeved that I now have a 10 month old 9900 that will never get a full software upgrade and I'm stuck in a two or three year contact. How is that a consumer's fault?

    Edited to add that your average consumer has NO clue what BBX is or that it won't be capable of running it on their OS7 device. All they'll know is that a new BB phone is coming out with new software and they won't be able to get it without paying full price for a BBX device. I know many of you have multiple BBs and don't mind paying full price for the latest and greatest BB device, but your average consumer cannot pay $500 or $600+ for a new phone each year one is rolled out.
    To address the example you made about the shirt you bought, if you wore it once and the seams ripped who are you to blame for that? ( other than yourself for not buying a quality shirt ) If your iphones battery was poor why would you blame apple?? Is their a possibility that you misuse their product and didn't do research on what its capable of? And just bought the newest shiny gadget.

    The entire comment on the Bold 9900 and bbx and not getting the software is also the consumers fault do to a lack of research. Because if they did the research they'd be more informed to make a decision.
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    But, as an average consumer who has NO IDEA what BBX is... how am I supposed to know that this new fascinating OS is coming out maybe next year? [B]Your average consumer is not going to Google "Will my BB 9900 be eligible for a full software upgrade in Q3 2012?" Give me a break.[B]
    So basically your saying that the entire infrastructure of businesses should bend to the will of the uneducated and tailor everything around them...... Its about damn time people stopped complaining and began to do a little work on the things they care about... such as their phones.....
    12-01-11 12:32 AM
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    The point is that the Help icon is not seriously used by many BB owners. I completely forgot about it even though it has been there since my first BB, the 8800.
    That's just my point. Rim has put the info on your device so you'll have it anywhere in the world w/ you. What good is a hard manual when your away from the house? People don't use the info already. It would be one long commericial to express all the thing a BlackBerry can do.
    Don't get me wrong I think people need to know what their device can do for them and that Rim should be the one to give users the info. Its just for the life of me I can't figure out any better way to do than what they have already done. I mean no one reads this stuff as it is. Well actually I did think of a way. They could have someone record a tuturial of using the device which is in their hand. Now either have the videos either on the device or linked to youtube. Tie it in with help which can take you to the video of the topic.
    12-01-11 03:34 AM
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    OS7 is good, not great. Does effort mean anything if the results are "meh"? At the end of the day, consumers vote with their wallet. They're (mostly) gonna buy the product which gives best value for their money, not based on how hard a company tries to make a product.
    12-01-11 05:05 AM
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    So basically you're saying that the entire infrastructure of businesses should bend to the will of the uneducated and tailor everything around them......
    They do that now.
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    12-01-11 08:58 AM
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    So basically your saying that the entire infrastructure of businesses should bend to the will of the uneducated and tailor everything around them......
    Apple has been very successful with that business model.

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    12-01-11 09:58 AM
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    welcome to America. nobody is EVER satisfied.
    12-07-11 10:07 PM
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