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    First off , I'm not sure weather to post this here or in another fourm , so move it to an appropriate fourm if needed .
    Now the BB remote feature is only available for the PlayBook , and you can hot swap connections for it to connect to another device (PS3 , PC , etc... ) So why not make it universal without the long , stupid operation required to connect it to another device ??
    I'm assuming it's easy for the programers scince it already supports Bluetooth HID , it will gain a lot of users who use PS3s ( which is a large number ) , and it will be able to controll home theaters which supports bluetooth .
    I really hope that RIM reads this and make it happen , because our BlackBerrys will be more than gust our phones , they will also be our remotes , so we can do every thing from our BB's while sitting on our couch !
    02-29-12 11:22 AM