1. Ekilla's Avatar
    I know im late but just felt like posting this. Seems like Motorolla beat us to it... The canybar form factor most BB users are waiting for. Sorry not much of a fan for slider phones. Is that really a bold keyboard on the droid pro? Oh well, ill just wait til 2011 when something good comes out for BlackBerry (prefer Curve keyboard over Bold keyboard anyday) & also cuz thats when my contracts up.

    Blackberry-like Motorola Droid Pro is now available for pre-order from Verizon – Cell Phones & Mobile Device Technology News & Updates | Geek.com
    12-15-10 03:41 AM
  2. anon(1308230)'s Avatar
    I am not sure I like that design; when I had a Torch, I always felt like the phone was out of balance; the screen being larger than the keyboard portion felt very odd when using the trackpad; without a slider, I would imagine this phone would feel similarly "off balance"... I do like the way there's a calendar/message box at the top of the screen, though. Flashy
    12-15-10 05:56 AM
  3. Ekilla's Avatar
    I see what you mean by off-balance, but i think it will be a great device. I hope rim uses the curve keyboard though (my preference). Just seems like i cant leave BlackBerry because i love the simplicity overall from the keyboard to the OS. But if RIM doesnt come out with anything new i might be moving to android & definitely not apple. Yeah im an apple hater I can see you've been through alot of BB's haha
    12-15-10 09:50 PM
  4. KEB64's Avatar
    It does seem like it would be "off balance". With the Torch at least there is that massive lip at the bottom of the device. This helps holding it one handed using the keyboard. I'm a big fan of the Torch form factor. I find myself hardly using the physical keys, but still like that it's there. I do love the shortcuts when I do have it out.

    That Motorola is no icon imo. I'd like to see something with a full touch pad below a full keyboard with the screen on top. Might make it too tall. I dunno. Until then, the Torch does it for me.
    12-15-10 10:03 PM