1. aaronlbloom's Avatar
    Does anyone know if Rhapsody subscription to go service will ever come to the Blackberry? Any new rumors since Verizon added it to their VCast phones last month?

    The question of Rhapsody or subscription music on the BB has been asked before but since Verizon just added the ability to their VCast enabled phones at the end of June I thought there might be new hope. They have flash upgrades to enable many of there phones to be able to play Rhapsody subscription music now. This would lead me to believe its possible if RIM wanted to. Then again maybe not, there could be hardware already present in VCast capable phones only that makes this possible.

    Rhapsody seems to be on a new big push lately so it seems possible. They re-launched their store, switched over to 100% mp3 downloads and now this venture with Verizon.

    Maybe on future OS releases, or future models?

    Just looking to see if anyone has heard anything, Thanks.
    07-15-08 08:12 AM