1. jkirk888's Avatar
    My Blackberry 9780 Bolds screen just decided to break today (wasnt dropped or anything)

    Im going to order a new LCD screen/equip to open and fit.

    My problem is that everyone wants to know my Revision number or 'Rev' number.

    I have no idea where this is i have looked everywhere, Ive read that its on the back of the LCD screen but im ordering the bits to open it up when i order the screen, and dont want to purchase twice.

    Can anyone help, seems stupid its this hard to find.
    03-23-12 01:08 PM
  2. RoseBud68's Avatar
    There are two different screen for the 9700/9780. The Number can be found on the back of the LCD screen.
    03-23-12 02:08 PM