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    A look at Balsillie & Lazaridis and the wonder years:

    The fall of the BlackBerry titans

    Strategic blunders, reckless pride and bad luck unravelled it all
    by Chris Sorensen, Charlie Gillis, Cathy Gulli, and Richard Warnica on Friday, January 27, 2012

    The fall of the BlackBerry titans - Business - Macleans.ca

    Too long of an article for CrackBerry forums. Interesting read....
    01-28-12 02:06 PM
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    I personally have the greatest admiration for Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balisillie.
    To have read about them in the book by Rod McQueen and really understand what they have accomplished is humbling.

    As a second generation entrepreneur, I know what struggles it takes to make something big. The hours of days, months and years of doubt one endures, the constant fights with regulatory authorities and trying to sell your product while trying to improve and innovate is sapping. It takes a lot of self belief and sometimes sheer stubbornes to stay the course.
    At times those closest to you are the most discouraging.

    Its very easy to sit in an airconditioned office and be a pimply faced financial analyst to just analyse current financials and pronounce a death knell to your company and then suggest that someone else should run what you created, not understanding that the guys who built this up were used to this negativity from the days they founded the company and have the same self belief that would make them ignore the negativity.

    For this I admire and respect both of them and I feel sad that they have been pushed out. Sure they missed out on the innovations of the iPhone but that too was done by none other than the hugest and most stubborn genius this century has seen. Steve Jobs was an inventor beyond par. But that does not take away from what Mike L. and Jim B. have achieved.

    Even now both of them took steps to keep RIM in the fight by making key acquistions and keep RIM on track. If RIM recovers it will still owe everything to the path both CEO's put it on a year back. They were just not allowed to see it through by stupid economists and greedy stock traders who have never built a thing in lives and will never know what building a company means.

    Even so, Mike and Jim will be remembered in history while the analysts and traders will be forgotten in a year.

    As an entrepreneur I hope for their return like Steve's return to Apple. But that's a rare event just like Steve Jobs was a rare individual.
    01-28-12 03:29 PM
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    What they did was good for its time. Unfortunately, they became proud and complacent. Had they realized this and not overstayed their welcome, things would be better now for RIM.
    01-28-12 03:34 PM
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    They were just not allowed to see it through by stupid economists and greedy stock traders who have never built a thing in lives and will never know what building a company means.
    Not entirely fair. Those same Economst and Traders pushed & promoted RIM's stock as well.

    They didn't see what was happening and maybe became somewhat complacent. Sometimes it's just time to go and let younger minds take the reigns.

    It happens with CEOs across many genres/industries. They become so insulated from the world that thy have no actual idea as to what's going on anymore.

    Good luck with your business. I wish you well.
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    01-28-12 04:08 PM
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    I've irreverently referred to them as dumb and dumber, which really isn't appropriate. The guys' biggest misstep was underestimating the impact and popularity of the iPhone. And there were all the other well-documented and discussed stumbles since then. But as Sam noted, the new track that RIM is on - and which I believe is the right track - was set by these same two guys. Changes need to be made to improve execution, and for that reason a change in leadership at this time is a good thing. But it is still their vision that is being carried out.
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    01-28-12 05:44 PM