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    I have a Blackberry 8900 thats password protected and had encryrption set to on (Cannot be sure if I set it to device or password). Someone at work thought it would be funny to enter the wrong password 10 times and wiped my device

    Luckily for me I had a backup so I restored that, entered the same device password but am still unable to view pictures that I had taken with the BB's camera.

    I go to the memorycard settings and I just get the warning that the card is protected by another device (it was encrypted with the bb its in...but pre-restore) and wants me to format the card to continue.

    I have searched and found several mentions that its impossible to decrypt the data without the original device, but not how to get it back if you have it...

    If anyone could help I'd appreciate it.
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    03-09-10 02:08 AM
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    Just throwing out a suggestion you may have already tried - have you removed and reinserted the card? Pulled the battery yet again with the phone ON.

    If nothing else, this will bump the thread, too. I'm sure this "wipe" has happened to others with card-protection on but have not read about problems.

    Good luck
    03-09-10 08:44 AM
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    Thanks for the suggestion (and the bump). I'd tried that, all I can think is that I had it set to device and it acts like a new device when it gets wiped?

    Going to just call T-Mo/RIM in the morning and see what I can do. Will report back.
    03-09-10 11:20 PM