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    I'm currently enrolled in university doing my engineering undergrad, and being a blackberry fan from Waterloo, I figured why not try to get a co-op placement at RIM! I've been searching their co-op job listings for students and seen a couple good postings, and will start applying.

    I was just wondering if you guys have any tips for me. Any ideas how to find the best jobs, make sure they notice my application and resume, anything really to help my chances.

    I love the Blackberry products and the services they provide, here's hoping for the best!

    Thanks guys
    02-09-12 10:12 PM
  2. Silverfern's Avatar
    yeah i had a interview at RIM once, was during my 1B term i think...i walked out of there with my backback hanging open..didnt get the job

    what program you in? i am in nano. my cousin knew some other people doing their coop at rim and somehow got me that interview. it was good experience.

    they sit you down infront of 3 people and ask you questions (at least for me)

    and for some reason they always delete their jobmine posting after like 2 month, but they do hire
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    02-09-12 11:06 PM
  3. Marauder2's Avatar
    I'll be doing electrical, hopefully management or biomed also, just trying to get an interview at the least, need that one opportunity
    02-09-12 11:33 PM
  4. Silverfern's Avatar
    what year are u in? 1st year stream 8?
    02-09-12 11:35 PM
  5. Marauder2's Avatar
    Finishing first year, its a general level one in first year but I get free choice of discipline
    02-09-12 11:52 PM
  6. Silverfern's Avatar
    if you are in electrical, it shouldnt be too hard to find job. i had to do volunteer for 2 terms before i found this 8 month job right now in alberta. Also, if you arent locked into a contract, think about switching to wind mobile better plans and way cheaper
    02-10-12 12:00 AM