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    From this link -- About media card encryption -- I found this:

    "If you encrypt the files using an encryption key that your device generates for your media card, you can only access the files on your media card when the media card is inserted in your device. If you encrypt the files using the device password option, you can access the files on your media card in any device that you insert your media card into, as long as you know the password for the device."[emphasis mine]

    Does this mean I need to know the password of my device or the other device into which I put my media card? TIA
    11-29-10 05:09 PM
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    if you do the second option you need to know the password to the phone the media card is in.
    11-29-10 05:38 PM
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    if you do the second option you need to know the password to the phone the media card is in.
    Please, just a little more help. Do you mean I need to know the password for the phone that the media card is in at the moment or for the phone the media card was originally in when the files were added?
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    Okay, found this:

    Using the microSD media card with more than one BlackBerry device

    and this:

    Encryption of data on a microSD media card

    Now I just have to find out if it applies to my os and device.
    11-29-10 07:26 PM
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    depends on which option you did to begin with
    11-29-10 07:31 PM
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    depends on which option you did to begin with
    I did "security password," NOT "device" or "security password and device." I think it will work for me. I'll see if they'll indulge me tomorrow at the sprint tech store by letting me put my media card in one of their store blackberries. If they do, I'll report back as to whether it works as described in the linked articles and whether I can read my .rem jpegs.
    11-29-10 07:35 PM
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    I went to two Sprint stores today and couldn't do my testing at either one; the store phones were all tethered with anti-theft cables and the employees couldn't (or didn't want to) remove them to get access to the battery and media card. I decided to try Best Buy and was pleased when the employee said he had a demo model right there in the desk. He took out a Torch, loaded my encrypted micro sd card into it, and, upon turning it on, a prompt appeared on the screen which stated something to the effect of:

    "A media card has been installed in the device. Enter the password to access the media card files."

    I entered my password (the one for my Curve), and Voila! My micro sd card files were all accessible, and could be viewed, including the encrypted (.rem) jpg's! [I also noticed that the incorrect password limitation (10 tries) was in place for my card.]

    This is the result I expected. But having read all the horror stories here on CB about people losing all their media files made me extremely skittish to rely on the BlackBerry as a backup for my secret, encrypted pictures. But seeing that it worked as I read in the linked topics in this thread, I can only conclude that the people who had the misfortune of losing their pictures because of encrypted sd cards had probably set up the encryption wrong. (If I remember correctly, some didn't even realize they had encryption enabled or that they even had encrypted files on their media cards.)

    So, here is what I did to make it work. I set my BlackBerry up like this:

    Options>Security>Security Options>General Settings
    1. Password -- enabled.
    2. Content Protection -- enabled (setting, Strong)

    Options>Media Card
    1. Media Card Support -- on
    2. Encryption mode: security password
    3. Encrypt Media Files -- yes
    4. Mass Storage Mode -- off

    Step two in Media Card Options is extremely important! You must choose the "Security Password" option, not the "Device" or "Security Password and Device" options, if you want to be able to read your encrypted micro sd card files on a different device. Of course, you also must remember your password. Otherwise, you'll be limited to viewing your media card and encrypted files on only your own device -- not good if your device fails.

    These settings are for encrypting media files as you add them to your media card and for viewing properly encrypted .rem media card files on a device other than the one on which they were saved to the card. There are other steps for accessing encrypted (.rem) files on your computer. In my experience, they can be added to the BlackBerry, copied from the BlackBerry, and/or viewed on your computer if you use the Roxio Media Manager that comes with BlackBerry DM versions less than 6. (I think mine is version 5.1, available from RIM web sites.)

    If I have some time, I'll try to make a comprehensive topic that will include the whole thing. Setup, adding files to the Blackberry using the Media Manager, the proper BlackBerry settings -- all are important in order to be able to access and view your encrypted micro sd card files on a device other than the one you used to save them.
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