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    Just got my Verizon Curve. Paired it to my Motorola built in hands free kit in the car. On my old Q, if I was on the phone and got into the car and started it up, the call switched right over to handsfree. Not on the Curve. In fact, it seems like the Curve only looks for handsfree on power up-- and not continuosly-- I hope I am wrong. In the car, I've checked the bluetooth and it says connected, but unless I disconnect and re-connect, nothing comes out of the handsfree. Also, even when Handsfreee is connected and working, voice dial commands come out of the handset, not the handsfree-- then once the call connects I get handsfree-- any thoughts\ suggestions?

    now the stupind question-- how do I move the icons around on the screen-- the "how to" icon is basicaly useless, and the addressbook or now Bluetooth if I need to hit it evertime would be more useful as one of the few initial desktop icons.

    Also-- on deleting emails-- when it says "Delete message" "on mailbox & handheld" or "on Handheld" what is the difference? What mailbox is it talking about? not my POP3 server-- I am confused!

    05-19-08 02:51 PM
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    In the car, I assume there is a button to push the answer/hang up a call. You should be able to push that button to initiate the connection. One push should do it.
    05-19-08 02:56 PM
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    thanks-- but it doesn't work. When the phone rings-- it rings on the handset not the handsfree-- can't even transfer it. The only thing I can do is disconnect and reconnect-
    05-19-08 03:02 PM
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    ...how do I move the icons around on the screen...
    Select the icon you want to move. Push the menu key. To hide it, select hide. To move it, select move, drag it to your desired location, and click the trackball. The top row of icons on the all applications screen will be the ones that show on your home screen.
    05-19-08 07:55 PM