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    I recently upgrade to a Blackberry Tour (9630) and I have my email setup and correctly configured. The phone is being used to receive emails sent to an "alerts" account named alerts@mydomain.com which is automatically sent from the alerts account whenever we have an issue. These issue are also sent to user@mydomain.com and user2@mydomain.com. Several people have access to the alerts account and when replying using outlook we hit reply all and it sends it alerts, user1, & user2 but when hitting reply all it sends it to user1 and user2 and not the alerts account. I suspect it's because the blackberry assumes i dont want to send an email to myself but its a shared account that we update statuses via email.

    so simplified, is there a way to reply to all which includes the account on the phone?
    03-04-10 10:03 AM