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    Hi everyone !

    my first post. Anyway I've switched off delivery reports on my storm 9550 and yet everytime after i send an SMS I get a notification showing my available balance, etc. I dont mind that coming, but I dont want it to make the alert noise! its louder than the SMS tone !

    I've tried to look under the basic Tune's menus but have no luck.
    Anyway to switch off the tone?

    Thank you !
    01-13-12 12:45 PM
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    What carrier are you on? Sounds like a carrier issue rather than a device issue.
    01-13-12 01:13 PM
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    If you can't silence it by turning of the different notifications in your sound profiles it is probably more like a prepay issue. I've read posts that claimed the only way to shut it up is to put it on vibrate or silent. Month to month post pay or contract cures it. Sorry.

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    01-14-12 09:29 AM