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    Found this link today. says RIM has detailed how to remove carrierIQ using an app. I search RIMs site but couldnt find any info.

    RIM shows how to strip Carrier IQ from BlackBerry | Electronista
    12-15-11 10:11 PM
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    Thanks, but is this article for real? First it says that "Users need to download an app called IQ Agent, which will also detect and remove other third-party apps ... The app is useful for stopping and removing other apps such as Solitaire, which drain the device's resources," and then it goes on to say, "RIM's instructions make no mention of a specialized app, instead instructing users to simply delve into their devices' options menus and deleting third-party apps, though the process varies depending on which version of the OS the phone is running." Why is it pushing an app when it says RIM doesn't recommend one?
    12-15-11 10:24 PM
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    Exactly why I posted it here ..... doesnt really make sense to me either and like I said, RIMs site doesnt show anything either. Hoping someone on this site might have more info or be able to help.
    12-15-11 11:06 PM
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    12-15-11 11:19 PM
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    Originally I thought the article was a translation from another language. Maybe it is.

    I don't know the answer(s), but my thoughts are these. Carrier IQ is probably not on my BlackBerry. RIM has stated it did not put it there, I do not have any third party or Sprint apps (unless it's in the Sprint theme**), and the device cannot be rooted. As has been shown, T-Mobile's BlackBerry version of Carrier IQ is in T-Mobile's "My Account" app which a user can elect to not install. If it were possible to bake it into a BlackBerry any better, deeper, or more hidden (like in the htc devices), then T-Mobile would have done so and not used the app method with which Carrier IQ can be avoided. There still hasn't been any evidence anywhere that this can be done with a BlackBerry, that it can be rooted, without the user knowing, installing, or giving permission.

    ** I doubt it's in the theme. Aren't those designed and approved by RIM for the various carriers?
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