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    Hi Everyone, I realise existing threads have already been set up for this but Iv been followin the steps and just cant get anything to solve the problem! Basically my berry was runnin very slow so I decided to do a battery pull, from then on its been loading with either the error 507 or 561. When ever i search for an update to the software it says there is none available and the application loader doesnt give me the option to install an OS. Help Plz??
    12-04-10 08:46 AM
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    Try reloading the software via DM without the battery in the device.
    12-04-10 08:48 AM
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    When I do this the Application loader says that It doesnt have software for the device connected?? very confused sorry
    12-04-10 08:53 AM
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    Have you downloaded an OS to install on your device and is it for the correct model device you have? Have you deleted "vendor.xml" if the OS you chose is for a carrier other than the one your device is branded for? "Vendor.xml" can be found in the same folder you found loader.exe, although some windows versions sneak one in someplace else also. You may wish to use the search function on your computer to make sure you've found and deleted all instances of it.
    12-04-10 09:34 AM
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    I belive Sandman has the answer.

    In order to do a manual OS install, the OS package must be installed on the the computer.

    If the package is not from your carrier, then you have to deal with that pesky vendor.xml file.

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    12-04-10 09:39 AM
  6. CJ_MUFC's Avatar
    You's were right about the vendor file, found 1 hidden and managed to get the software reloaded. The phone is up and runnin again thanks ppl!
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    12-04-10 11:54 AM
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    Thats what we like to see! Great works guys!
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    12-04-10 11:59 AM