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    Hi fellow crackberry buddies. I was just wondering if it's possible to have a phone call with a regular pair of headphones without a mic on them present. It may sound like I'm crazy at first but I saw a co worker do this is his iphone. He hooked his iphone up to a pair of speakers and carried out a phone conversation where the mic on the phone captured his voice while the speakers outputted the voice of the person on the line. I was wondering if there's an app or a setting that allows me to use my blackberry in the same manner. Again I would like to use a regular pair of headphones or speakers and have a conversion so that even if there's no mic present on the headphones, the blackberry will resort to using the phone's mic. Thanks guys.
    08-24-10 07:49 PM
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    You know - good question. I've contemplated hooking up my BB to the car stereo using one of those 3.5mm stereo plugs to cassette adapters, so the call could be heard on the car speakers, but the mic on the phone picking up my voice (we have a carpool van to / from the office, so it is very common for us to be on calls on the way home). Never got around to trying it out though,

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    08-24-10 08:33 PM
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    Haven't tried it either but since the tip, which is the mic is no longer rerouting the signal it just might work.

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    08-24-10 08:54 PM
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    Actually, I just tested this out w/ a phone call to my sister and it seems that the phone will give you an option to activate the headset... In this case, activate your earbuds, headphones, or car stereo. From there, it appears that it will use the phone's mic if none other is present. This is just my observation. You guys are welcome to report back with your results.

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    08-24-10 09:14 PM
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    I just tested this with the ear phones that came with my 9650 and the person I was talking to said I actually sound better than if I had the phone to my ear. It also sounds better having the speakers in both ears.......food for thought
    08-24-10 09:33 PM
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    Friend of mine using headphones on her Curve all the time. Works with no issues. She says she puts the phone in her bra so the person on the other end will hear her most clearly
    08-24-10 10:05 PM
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    Makes sense like I said in another post. The oem headphones with a mic have a longer plug than standard headphones. When putting standard headphones into your bb the shorter plug doesn't make it into the mic contact. Cool find guys. Keep being curious!

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    08-24-10 10:31 PM
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    I do it all the time with my Pearl. I either use earbuds or connect thru my auxillary jack on my car stereo. I place the phone on my center console and the people on the other end say they hear me fine. The only thing I have to do is activate the headphones after answering.
    08-24-10 11:20 PM