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    My company just provided us with Blackberrys (8700 TMobile) and will no longer allow us to have our own device. The problem is I have a Pearl (AT&T) and want to get my mail here. My company uses Enterprise Server but does all the cofiguration so I can't change the confirguration.

    Is there a way to get the email redirected to my own device? Is there a way to automatically forward the email form the 8700 to the Pearl?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    10-15-07 09:36 AM
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    My suggestion would be to comply with your company's IT/BES policy...

    If it's not against your company's policy to forward work e-mail to a personal address, you could set up forwarding on your work account and send it to your personal one. Would you really want that?

    My company forbids automatic e-mail forwarding of any kind, but they will allow personal devices on the company BES, at the employee's additional expense.
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    10-15-07 10:05 AM