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    So, I have always been curious about this. Before I post here, I obviously searched around online and the CB forums finding information on how to and where to replace white numbers with red numbers and vice versa.

    But what I want to know, is why? Why do certain phones come with the red numbers and others with white numbers?

    At first, I thought that in America it was the CDMA carriers got the red numbers and the GSM carriers got the white numbers, however I realized quickly I was wrong. Then I thought - maybe something to do with where the phones are manufactured? But that does not make sense either, since I believe all North American Berry's are made in Mexico, and all the Euro ones are made in Hungary. I pulled out my 9000 Bold, which is on Vodafone HU (Hungary) and that has red numbers, where as my 9000 ATT Bold has white numbers.

    As far as I know however, the 9700, in Europe and in the USA, only came with white numbers. So now I ask, what makes some come with red numbers, and some with white?!

    Honestly, I realize this is a really silly question, and its not a big deal, but I have been curious for the longest time as to what happens in the factory to make this differentiation.

    So, does anyone really know as to why this happens? I would love to find out once and for all!
    12-01-10 12:19 AM
  2. rayzian's Avatar
    Lol I was thinking about the same thing the other day.. My buddy's old 9000 had the red numbers and I was always pissed the 9700 didn't have them.. I think they've phased out the red numbers though as nothing newer than the 9700 got them (not sure about the 9300)

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    12-01-10 05:30 AM
  3. BergerKing's Avatar
    Well, the Bold 9650 is newer than the 9700, and I've seen they have the red numbers. I've seen cases where one carrier specs red, another white. Sometimes, there is seemingly no true logic as far as which has the other.

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    12-01-10 05:43 AM
  4. tbelanger's Avatar
    One of the reasons I picked the Tour was because it has the red numbers. I think they stand out more than the white numbers. That's obviously not the only reason I picked the Tour, but it was one more reason to pick it over the other BB Verizon was offering at the time.
    12-01-10 05:56 AM