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    I have a storm 2 that I broke the lcd. I replaced the lcd and since it has had a red flashing light. I have attempted to update from my desktop but it will not accept the download from the device manager. At times the blackberry lights up as to boot up but it quickly goes back into the red flash mode. I have also attempted to follow the steps for a nuked devcie but again it will not allow teh cycle. I get an error stating that the blackberry device is not downlaoded. The blackberry is not currently hooked up with verizon becuase i purchased a curve and connected while the blackberry was being fixed.
    02-21-11 06:04 PM
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    Something is either damaged or not properly connected since you replaced the screen. Possibly a flex cable isn't firmly seated or a pin got bent during the repair process. Time to go thru and examine everything closely and try again.

    Another possibility is a defective screen, you can see if it boots with the old screen installed, but this is an outside possibility.

    Did the screen get broken in a hard break, ie dropped on hard surface or thrown? Then you may be looking at other damage altogether.

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