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    i have a blackberry 9780 and using .706
    i received a error code 507 so i reloaded my os and everything was fine for a day and then received the same 507 error again after a few hours so again i reloaded the os and it was fine this happened for 3 days over and over every few hours. then i removed my sd card and reloaded the os and it started working again so i kept my sd card out for the day and i did not receive any errors that day. so i thought the sd card might be corrupt so re-formatted it and inserted it back in the phone , it worked fine for the next 2 day and then again started receiving the 507 error!!!! i have also updated and down dated os, but when my sd card stays in i receive this error message.

    also when backing up data using latest blackberry desktop software my phone restarts half way and stops back up!!

    can anyone explain why this is happening please ?
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