1. vyrenee's Avatar
    My Bold used to get a GPS location fix very quickly (i.e within a minute when outdoors).

    Recently, it takes a long time to get a GPS location fix (5-10 minutes or more) when outdoors in the same location.

    Is it possible some new app could interfere with the speed of the GPS location fix? Any other ideas what might be causing this?

    09-03-10 09:52 AM
  2. Stides's Avatar
    I have a similar issue with my bold 9650. I started a thread on it and I still can't get it figured out. I may just wipe the device and re-load the os over the weekend and see if that helps. I will get a gps fix after an extended period of time. That makes me think it may not be a hardware issue but a software issue. For me it also coincided with my battery life sinking horribly. I used to get a full day and now I am at 25% at lunch. I actually went back to my storm again because of these 2 issues. Like I said, they may be unrelated but I may just start over with a clean os install.

    Here is a link to the other thread:
    09-03-10 11:01 AM