1. noelburke's Avatar
    I recently did an employee a favor for time/expediency - by reassigning my Curve 8320 that I had had for less than a day - to them.

    I had setup an internet email account by this time - and the probelm presently - is that this user... even though the 8320 was fully 'reassigned' to them (deleted my account and theirs befor assigning my Curve to them)... they are now receiving my internet email (POP from sbcglobal.net)

    What did I miss when I reassigned this device on the BES or device itself?
    How can I remedy this problem... they surely don't want my email... and of course - I don't want them receiving it as well! ;-)

    I have forwarded my pop account to another email address for the time being.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance on this. Its been a few years since being immersed in BES - so I'm learning as I go here.

    01-18-09 04:57 PM
  2. Branta's Avatar
    Did you also link an external ISP mailbox (BIS-type, but through the BES server)? I think this gets pushed directly to the PIN and the BES only acts as a conduit from internet. Whatever you did to set it up, you should remember how you did it with a few hints and questions here.
    01-18-09 06:14 PM