01-04-12 03:07 PM
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  1. kilted thrower's Avatar
    LOL. This made me laugh. You ain't that young that you missed the Pixi.
    LOL x2. Wasn't the Pixi out just a few years ago...like five? I remember looking at one because I thought it and the Pre looked pretty cool.
    01-03-12 07:53 AM
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    Now it makes little difference the tag on the end of my email, email etiquette is about the same as text messages. so I can send off an email simply with a 5 word reply to a question without pleasantries, without acknowledgement of the question, answer and go.
    I thought standard practice was to quote what you were replying to? Typically I've seen it even when the staff replies to each other with a yes and/or no reply, the original question is still quoted.

    I guess I like having my exchange email signature on my phone the same as if it were coming from my laptop because I like that continuity or uniformness. Is uniformness a word?

    NM...just googled it. And it is indeed a word. I think I'll start using that instead of uniformity.
    01-03-12 07:59 AM
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    1) I didn't say I hate Apple Company. I just hate their fun.
    2) I own a Macbook and an Ipad.
    3) I've used every single iphone Apple has released, my brother owns 4S and I absolutely hated it.

    4) Light up, shaniqua.
    God I laughed hard at (4)! I also laughed hard at hate their fun. I was not hating on you, just saying I don't understand the polarized positions most people take on the forum. I try all platforms and am amazed at the options and technology they each offer.
    01-03-12 09:18 AM
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    It says to me: "This person doesn't even know how to change his default email sig." Hope you're not looking for an IT job...

    That's just free brand promotion until someone wises up. I would not want any unnecessary info tacked onto an email if I was looking for a job.
    Wrong! i keep the "sent from my Blackberry" sig so people will know that I am away from my desk.

    People are more forgiving if your email contains any typos or mistakes because they know you sent it from your phone.

    I would never send a formal email from my Blackberry or any other phone.
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    I have a white 9300, no case but with a screen protector, so light yeah not minature really good battery life and a nice keyboard.
    01-04-12 03:07 PM
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