09-13-15 08:13 PM
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  1. DrBoomBotz's Avatar
    Reynolds Aluminum?

    09-13-15 07:54 PM
  2. gebco's Avatar
    I've been a hold out for a long time. Really liked my Storm 2 (despite widespread criticism), my Z10 and now my Z30. But now more and more PRE-existing apps no longer work, assuming because as the OS is updated, the app might need some tweaks to be updated as well. SportsNet no longer sends notifications to the hub, Facebook app is wonky where you can't see some replies, The Weather Network doesn't always show the weather and sometimes needs a couple of closes and reopens, Driveopedia no longer works. . .
    To get around this I have loaded a couple of Android apps, but in the case of SportsNet, I have not found anything that works well (I tried Yahoo Sports, but it was a battery drain for me).
    I think BB10 is the best OS out there, for me, but if BB does not fix the app situation for the OS, then I may end up getting the slider, if as is rumoured, it is full Android, or a different Android device. That makes me a little sad, because I'm not even expecting full app availability, or GPS or anything like that. All I want is the basics (for me), which I had, but now have to find workarounds.
    I've been here long enough to know the concerns about Android, but I feel that if want even basic apps, I won't have much choice. Unless Chen has an app miracle for BB10 up his sleeve.
    09-13-15 08:13 PM
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