09-26-11 12:28 PM
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  1. reeneebob's Avatar
    That seems pricy for it. I know in Canada on Bell and Virgin you can buy new no contract for $149.95 for the 9000.
    09-24-11 04:06 AM
  2. jas32's Avatar
    Loved my Bold 9000, great phone BUT the track ball drove me crazy. I replaced it several times while I owned it but it would act up every so often that drove me nuts. Because of that I would recommend avoiding the 9000 and opt for a model with a track pad instead.

    I did not load too many apps so I never had any battery problems.
    09-24-11 10:03 PM
  3. poppyannharris's Avatar
    I think I will go for it and use that JSL hybrid OS. I've never used a hybrid before though, so I'll look into that. Ill also look around for a cheaper phone but 180 was for a BASICALLY brand new one.
    09-25-11 05:38 AM
  4. TIMSHULL's Avatar
    I have a 9000 I love it but the trackball sucks!!!!!! big time,my 3rd 9000 and all have had trackball issues
    09-25-11 10:30 AM
  5. albee 1's Avatar
    There is nothing at all wrong with the 9000. It still has better speakers than any other. I learned everything I know through an 8330. They all do the same thing in general. The newer ones just do it faster.

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    09-25-11 02:24 PM
  6. Jaguarr40's Avatar
    Not a matter of being too old, With the new chipsets and technology built into the new OS why step backwards when you can go with a 9900/9930 depending on who your carrier is.
    09-25-11 04:13 PM
  7. Restrictive's Avatar
    The 9000 is a fantastic phone if you setup your software properly and use a minimum number of apps. Limited app space is the only Achilles heel with the 9000. The 9000 is very easy to work on should you need a new trackball etc. I have seen them for $219 brand new in the box, for being off contract that is a great deal for a new device. Maybe you could find a model with more memory but physically the 9000 is the best device RIM ever made, or will make.

    The JSL v7.0 Hybrid OS will make it perform like a newer device. Anyone says different is using junky bloated software. Battery life is fantastic with the JSL hybrid. Browsing speed is great as long as you keep the memory at about 45mb after a fresh reboot. Letting MemoryUp and NetworkAcc run in the back ground eliminate any need to reboot and keep the memory in the high 30s after days of use.

    It is also the best sounding device RIM will ever make.

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    Bolded part
    Forgot about other Hybrids JLS will probably do you fine.
    09-26-11 12:28 PM
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