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    I'm a new berry user and have been trying to figure out ever since! I have some questions that i'm pretty sure seemed dumb, but i've trawled the forums up and down and cant seemed to figure out the answer to my questions. Sometimes there are even conflicting answers on the forums, so now i'm like SUPER CONFUSEDDDDDDDDD!!! :O

    I've been trying to make use of wifi at home for my internet browsing but i seemed to be facing some probs doing so. Here are my questions:

    (1) Firstly, I am PRETTY sure that i've set up the wifi connection at home properly. under manage connections > wi-fi options, there is a black box with a white dash with a green cone emitting signals on the right. This means that I've set it up in the right manner, right?

    (2) Does the grey wifi symbol or white wifi symbol indicates that i'm connected to the wifi? i've read on a post that some people are able to surf the internet on the grey symbol, but some arent able to. i have already adjusted my settings to 'hotspot browser' already

    (3) in order to use the wifi for internet browsing, must i switch on the data services to 'On' under mobile network options? that is to say that i'm running on gprs instead of GPRS.

    (4) is there anywhere to check how much data have I used? i have a 1gb blackberry data plan and i would like to monitor my data usage such that i would not be faced with a scary bill at the end of the month!

    (5) if my data services is set to 'On' and it shows GPRS, this means that I'm using my data right? (this has no link to wifi i know, but i need to clarify! )

    I'm terribly sorry for asking so many dumb questions! I've been reading the forums for 2days now but as most of the people posting in the forums are from the US, their advice does not seemed applicable to me! I'm from the little red dot known as Singapore! Also, I'm only interested in using wifi for the internet and not calls as i am pretty sure that the UMA scheme isnt available in Singapore, which i've come to the understanding that it requires wifi. there's a very good wifi coverage across the island and i have a wifi connection at home too, so i would like to try and take advantage of the connection!

    Some help pls? with three berries on top!
    02-21-10 01:04 PM
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    1.) if you are connected to the wifi network, it will show your wifi connection next to your mobile network on the top of your screen. ex.... Mobile Network - Wifi Network

    2.) grey wifi symbol means you have wifi connection without BB data. you may connect to your hotspot browser and view webpages but the BB internet browser or and BB services over wifi are not available. a white icon means you have fully wifi functionality with BB data services.

    3.) data services on has more to do with your mobile data. i think if you turn it off, you can still use wifi. it will just turn your mobile network (carrier) data off.

    4.) most carriers have a way to log into your account online to view your current usage. carrier dependant, it may update as recent as the last hour to the last 48 hrs.

    5.) GPRS in call caps means you are connected to your carriers mobile network, using a GPRS connection and have blackberry data services available. if it says gprs (all lowercase), you are connected to your carriers network, but the BB data services are down (no push email, BBM, BB data)
    02-22-10 02:21 AM
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    3) If you turn it off, not only you won't be able to browse via WiFi as you also won't get SMS/MMS. Tested.
    02-22-10 07:53 AM
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    ok great! thanks!
    02-24-10 08:43 AM