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    Hi all,
    I'm a new blackberry playbook owner. I have lurked on this site for a little while now since i bought a 16 gig model in the sales here in the UK.
    I've never owned a blackberry before, I don't use phones or tablets for work, not much use on a building site. I'm one of those consumer users i've read about.

    My point is this, having recently read the sticky taking out the trolling trash, I now understand a bit clearer how if i had posted about some disappointments i have felt with my playbook i may have been seen as a troll. But what I am is a new user, with no idea of any history this site may have had with smug apple twats, posting nonsense. Also I'm the kind to not read sticky's usually (I read the instructions after i've built stuff too).
    Hopefully with the sales more newbies like me will find there way here, with no idea about previous troll issues, and maybe they'll post things that express a little disappointment.

    I guess the point i'm trying to make is, i'm not a troll, but i think i could have been misconstrued as one, if i had posted my initial feelings. I may be totally wrong, but i think with the sales you may have more ppl coming here, and if people come here complaining about things that are old hat to you guys, you may not have the patience to tolerate what you see as well trod ground or assume they are trolls.
    I had a point, but darned if i can shoe horn it out of my head with any eloquence
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    01-26-12 07:07 AM
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    01-26-12 07:09 AM
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    Thanks muchly
    01-26-12 07:12 AM
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    I believe there is a difference between asking questions to rectify problems you may be having and outright being negative all the time about Blackberry in general. Welcome to the forums and don't be afraid to seek advice and ask questions!
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    01-26-12 07:33 AM
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    Yes welcome to Crackberry, the best forum for us Blackberry fans! Enjoy your device!
    01-26-12 07:35 AM
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    Hey welcome, I'm UK as well. I know where you are coming from, I thought that too once but enjoy the site there are alot of folk here who really know what they are talking about, things that have taken me forever to find someone already knows so just say.

    Every site has to have a troll or two to keep us on our toes.
    Nice to meet you
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    01-26-12 07:44 AM
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    Welcome Bicky, going through this site may lead to learning stuff, and it's called "CrackBerry" for a reason. Be aware, addiction may result.
    01-26-12 08:04 AM
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    Welcome to the forum or home which ever applies. There is a big difference between a troll and venting your aggravation or even looking for help.
    A troll seeks attention and does it by slandering a platform any chance they can. They spread false information and general just don't know what they are talking about.
    This is a great place to learn and get help with your devices and play toys. A lot o us play around cross platform and enjoy helping people out. So by all means pick our brains.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    01-26-12 09:39 AM
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    Eh Mate, welcome. like others have said theres a big difference between new users and trools, yes trools (my new word) every CBer here thats not a trool is very helpful. even to trools until it goes to far!!
    theres many work arounds for people perceived disappointments. what do you got?
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    01-26-12 09:51 AM
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    Maybe that's the difference between being a new user that encounters problems and asks for help to solve them and being an "noob-expert" stating what is wrong with BB devices.

    Ask, you'll be answered, Welcome !
    01-26-12 10:46 AM
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    Welcome, bicky!

    There's much wonderful information here and very helpful people. You might have to pass some disagreeable people along the way, but most are nice and can offer you help.

    I hope you enjoy the site and get what you need.
    01-26-12 11:06 AM
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    Hi Bicky. I Agree a lot of new users will be joining the site and might have issues but I think people here will consider them trolls because of the way they word there posts. To me there is nothing wrong with being upset if a product doesn't live up to ur likings but there is always a way to express those feeling on a public forum. Hope u find all the answers to ur problems here and also in the future be able to help others as well. Welcome to best site for anything Blackberry.
    01-26-12 03:47 PM
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    Welcome friend!

    There's a lot of haters and trolls in here. Don't feed them with views or replies. Don't take things personally and don't believe ANY generalities espoused from "either side". Enthusiasm is ok and frankly expected for a site devoted to this platform. People who bash you for being a fanboy/ignorant/delusional are merely projecting their own shortcomings and should be ignored. Use your critical thinking to determine the validity of the views discussed.

    Sometimes it's too easy to see the bias that is laced in people posts.
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    01-26-12 04:07 PM
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    People who bash you for being a fanboy/ignorant/delusional are merely projecting their own shortcomings...
    Love this and it shall now be in my signature! :-)
    01-26-12 04:37 PM
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    Welcome, welcome.
    Hopefully, you can utilize these forums to tweak, learn and share about your new device.

    Before you know it, you'll be "cracked", too!!
    01-27-12 08:44 PM