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    Hey Crack Crew,
    I wanted to take a moment to talk about something frustrating. I plan to continue being patient, but need this to be heard.

    First let me take back to last summer, the PlayBook was releases without basic functions like adjusting font size and it made my (and others) user experience difficult. So I took the time to write to RImM, and it yielded actual conversations with RIM execs in charge of PlayBook development. We spoke on numerous occassionsions and developed a plan to bring not onlythese basic acessibilutbilutity features but some that couldtake the PB to anewlevel.
    In September,iI was 'asured'that the bbfontadujustment, remotecontrol, mofre widespreadpinch/zoom, an.Wmwould be readybythe2.0upgrade.TheniIwas patient while the2.0toktime and Ihadhigh expecpectations and wasSoO excited tohave beterfunctionality tomake myexperience trulypleasant.We got morepinch/zom..CLike intheenail viewwindowin the mesagessages ap.
    Wegot remotecontrol(actualyusingmy p930 1-(:with its LArRgGeEFOnNtT totypethis). And Butnofont adjustat al... Ihave touseamagnifier forsomefiunctions (technicaly iI amlegalyblind) a.UIunderstand thatRiIM neded to'focuson consumer features'first. Butwhatgodare theyifI cantcan'tcan3an(andothers) cancan'tuse them.Idondon'twant an iPad,iIlikethefunction ofthe pPbB,and ismy peronal preference.Ialsowant rrrtstoserRiImMmakeatruly friendlyiseyuserexperience.So,afterthe initialshock.Ifiguredoutnewwaystodeakwlwithmy ownlimitations.,sent acoupleemailstothsoe oseinvolvedintheAcesibiluity planing withinrRiIM,and questioned the progres.Lovingthe new functionsin pPbBoOS2.0!Now, RiI
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    02-21-12 07:50 PM
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    Man do you need to turn off predictive text.
    02-21-12 07:54 PM
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    So, I haven't gotten used to predictive text... And it looked fine on the remote function... Sheesh, I'm sorry I guess I made the point that reviewing stuff on my playbook is difficult due to my vision... My apologies to readers.

    Mods, you may delete... I don't even want to bother retyping this thing... Rant took it all out of me.
    02-21-12 08:12 PM
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    LOL, well I guess you made your point.
    02-21-12 08:19 PM
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    Sorry to hear the issues you are having, I can imagine how frustrating it is.
    Maybe try contacting the folks you were in talks with and get an update with what's going on with their end.
    02-21-12 08:34 PM
  6. Draconianfire83's Avatar
    Yeah, I sent them an email today... Hopefully I hear back this time. I stopped getting updates around October, and am attributing it to 'we don't have any updates nor have we made any progress, so let's ignore the problem."

    Maybe with the recent changes in management, I'll get more results.

    Fingers crossed!
    02-21-12 09:06 PM
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    can you use vlingo to dictate what you typed? on your phone if not on your playbook? be important to make possible for all to read: is possible that a developer might be able to create an app to improve user experience. good for you, good for all others with similar situations to you who havent posted and are equally frustrated, good for yet others who dont have a playbook and now would be able to use one, good for rim to be able to market it to all.

    don't apologize.
    02-21-12 09:42 PM