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    I am a big time blackberry fan and have been using them since the last 3 years now , I started with 8700g to a curve. The transition was phenomenal btw, loved the trackball , provided such a seamless experience.

    One of the reasons I am hooked on to blackberries is becoz of keyboard shortcuts, i can launch everything i want to . Plus I am really crazy about todomatrix and ideamatrix by rexwirless. They are the primary reasons I am on blackberry platform.

    For my higher education I came to UK and got myself a vodafone contract and a brand new blackberry BOLD !! WOW the screen blew myself away , I would always show off to my friends the Speed Racer trailer which comes pre-installed with it , although BOLD wasn't quite stable , i would get the circle of hanging , cursor blocked , may be due to applications opened but it was never a problem with curve. Since it was a contract phone i quite didn't care , I replaced the phone twice due to scratches hehe

    3 weeks back when I was in aquatics swimming centre, this 14 year old sob steals my locker key , takes my phone and tata bye bye walks off, insurance says no, i was heart broken(I am still trying to choke my insurance team). I decided i would buy a standalone phone , would you believe I was said NO on pay as you go , i went to vodafone , o2 , orange all NO !! they wont' sell me a blackberry on pay as you go !! Disappointed heartbroken I hunted online . I read about the new curve hmmm...

    Got confused again , I was so determined for bold but then again how badly it hung , curve has no 3g , keyboard is smaller(much smaller) than that when compared to bold , bold looks classy like a business phone , curve looks like what my girlfriend would use , small buttons (although quite effective when I tried to use them) , camera's better .. forget everything the reason why I tilt is that fact it's got 256 mb of RAM , my mind soars , no more CIRCLE of hanging wohooo , but the processor is slow !! AAARGH !!!

    I go to ebay , someone selling refurbished curve 8900 for 250 pounds i got excited , selling new cuve for 350 , confusion again , is it even worth buying a refurbished blackberry , same SELLER selling it on amazon for 330 pounds(new) .. aaargh... I am so confused..

    No blackberry .. i feel so lost , i m using a spare nokia ,it's so **** , image i can't press A for address book , i can't write my thoughts by pressing x for todomatrix and file it !!! I need help ...crackberry addiction. Someone kick me on my *** now ...
    03-18-09 09:31 AM
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    Go get a BB already...just no pay as your go!
    03-18-09 09:38 AM
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    Bit of advice on buying a used BB, make sure to get the ESN number from the seller and check it with the carrier to make sure the number is clean (that is not reported stolen). Also use paypal to pay for it and do NOT, do NOT (should I type it again) use western union, or any other kind of wire transfer.
    03-18-09 09:43 AM
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    I don't blame you for flaming the insurance people, seems that is their job, as you took reasonable caution to keep it secured. Next time secure the key in your swimsuit, if it doesn't have a tie, install one.

    Not having familiarity with overseas carriers, it seems you may have to suck it up and take the monetary hit to return to your fix. I wish I had better news, and good luck in the future.

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    03-18-09 10:08 AM
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    thanx u ppl for the wonderful advise , pkcable I would defintely pay up by paypal and would be buying a brandnew blackberry only from amazon to avoid any problems.

    @Bergerking ,yup gonna have to be more careful and take a hit this time

    @thinkamp .. i am hurrying i am hurrying
    03-18-09 03:14 PM