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    Hi all, I hope someone can answer this question. I tried to call Blackberry earlier today to inquire & they did not have a concete answer to my question.

    Here is my problem. I am a stock trader & have software in my phone that streams "real time" stock quotes constantly into my phone. I hold the phone all day. It goes from my hand to my lap, because I need to see the stock prices changing. I literally hold it for about 8 hours on & off during the day.

    I always thought that radiation is emitted primarily through the function of making or receiving calls. However, I just found out through a friend, that streaming live data on my phone all day is giving me radiation.

    The Blackberry Bold emits on average 1.55 W/kg. It is one of the highest radiation cell phones on the market. How much radiation am I getting by holding the phone, while running the stock market live streaming program all day? Is it the same amount as if I were making calls or less?

    Sorry to sound like a worry wart but, I have to use the phone the whole day. I'm afraid I will end up glowing from radiation one day. LOL!
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    07-20-10 04:50 PM
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    Don't be concerned by the radiation. The higher the frequency, the worse it is but North American carriers tend to be on the lower end of the spectrum.

    Compare that with South Korea who only use the 2100Mhz spectrum and we're getting off easy.

    As for how constant it is, the data will go in bursts unlike a phone call which is constant. And your hand is surprisingly resilient to this frequency whereas the brain cells are a little more delicate. Your hand won't suddenly get a tumor.

    Finally I'd just like to say that like most people you hear the word "radiation" and you completely misunderstand it. This is a radiant energy, not actual radiation caused by the decay of nuclear fuel. That kind of radiation sticks with you whereas radiant energy from an antenna passes through you and does not accumulate in your body. You can not glow from radio waves.
    07-20-10 05:19 PM
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    Radius, thank you for all of that info. I appreciate it. That puts things into perspective. : )
    07-21-10 05:05 PM