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    Hey everybody, I have a simple question which is driving me nuts LOL. When WIFI is turned on for my BlackBerry 9650, does all data go through that? Or does it use Sprint's towers as well while WIFI is on.
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    10-20-10 06:57 PM
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    It seems like the OP's question is confusing to many BB users, and I don't think I've seen a definitive answer yet, even after reading a lot of WiFi-related posts. I've seen posts about there being a setting to set the "Preference" for WiFi, although I've not found that setting on my Bold 9650. I've also read posts about how the BB icon will move from 3G to/from WiFi to indicate which signal it's using, but I haven't seen that happen on my Bold (OS

    For reference, when I have both 3G and WiFi turned on, then I turn on the web browser it's the WiFi symbol that shows above my browser . . . indicating that I'm using WiFi for web surfing. But I'm still not sure what other data is sent over WiFi vs 3G when both are turned on and active, or how it prioritizes which signal to use. At times I've turned off 3G altogether just to see what functions I can still use over WiFi alone, and it seems that browsing, email and BBM all work fine with 3G turned off (there might be other functions that work also, but I haven't confirmed that).
    11-18-10 02:14 PM