1. crackberry_virgin's Avatar
    Does an app exist to quickly turn off and on the bluetooth radio from the home screen? Turning off the bluetooth greatly increases the life of the storm, but it's a pain to go thru the options menu to get to it every time. I thought of assigning it a button, but would much rather have an icon in the home screen. Or some app that had a bluetooth schedule and would turn on during my drive home and off around bedtime.
    01-25-09 03:12 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    My 8830 has a Manage Connections icon on the Home Screen that includes the ability to turn off/on Bluetooth. I imagine the Storm has it as well.
    01-25-09 03:14 PM
  3. crackberry_virgin's Avatar
    right - the storm has that as well - but i'm looking for something like a simple app that toggles the bluetooth state with having to go thru that screen.
    01-25-09 03:19 PM