1. trev42088's Avatar
    a guide im lookin at has instructions to remove somethin if ur not BES.

    i have no idea what BES means and what BIS means.

    someone please clarify and tell me the diff?

    chances are if i dont kno what they mean, i dont need the BES lol.
    07-07-08 01:31 PM
  2. bmcclure937's Avatar
    07-07-08 01:38 PM
  3. BBProductivity's Avatar
    BES stands for Blackberry Enterprise Server and represents the BlackBerry email service provided by a server ran by a company

    BIS stands for BlackBerry Internet Service and is the BlackBerry email service from your carrier. your carrier then allows you to access your own emails.

    So: If you bought your BlackBerry in shop, you probably have BIS, if you got it from your company at you can also synchronize your addressbook or calendar you probably have a BES
    07-07-08 01:40 PM
  4. trev42088's Avatar
    got it at best buy and work at wendys :P

    no BES needed. YET! lol

    thx everyone
    07-07-08 01:42 PM