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    I'm on the Rogers network and I've just subscribed to Slacker Radio plus just to try it out and see how it turns out. First question, does Rogers (for those of you who have previous experience) charge data transmition when streaming the app over 3G because I thought they shouldn't see we already pay a subsciption fee. Second question, why isn't there a rewind button like if I wanted to go back to the previous song to listen to it again or something. Thrid question, why does the sound quality suck (in terms of bass) my music on my sd card has better bass. Is it really worth paying 3.99/month plus data transmition for streaming when not near wifi? (if that is the case)

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    1) No. Data is data. It does not matter how you consume it. As long as you don't
    exceed your plan limit there will be no extra charge.

    2) No idea. Try sending that question to Slacker via the "Feedback" option.

    3) Just a guess but this is probably a condition related to how the music is
    encoded on Slackers end. Lower bitrate to use less data. Again, a guess.
    01-29-11 01:31 PM
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    2) The lack of a rewind option has something to do with licensing. Sounds stupid but so are record execs.

    3) Slacker will lower the encoding rate based on connectivity. You may be in a heavily saturated area and although on 3G towers, only pulling edge speeds.

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