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    Hi..I have a few questions in my mind..n I thought CB is the place to ask..
    1. Once I had all my keyboard locked..n I put my BB into my pocket..but then I checked my BB to send a text..but when I was about to send the text..I was notified that my radio is turned off..say like..hey..my keyboard was totally locked when I put it in my pocket..how come can the radio be set into off?any answers?it happened a few times..

    2. I sumtimes take pictures from my BB n then when I checked the media..the pictures aren't showing up at my pictures folder..I wonder why?

    3. I'm curious of is there any possibility that there are any spyware or any threatening programs in apps for the BB?including from other sites? 3rd party apps? If it does..can I counter it?

    4. I'm planning to cut my expenses by disabling my BIS for a while..I wanna ask..which instant messengers would u guys recommend,which uses no data plan at all..by means using the APN settings like it applies to the opera mini for browsing?Is it applicable?

    5.Was I the only one who ever had those probs in question 1-4?anyways..thx to all of Crackberryers..who took time to take a look at my post.. Any help is greatly appreciated..

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    05-23-09 11:42 PM
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    1) Likely cause is the battery was too low and the radio shut off
    to conserve power. Never let the battery go below 15%. "Top it
    off" throughout the day

    2) You may have backed out before the picture had a chance to
    save or you are looking for it in the wrong place.

    3) No

    4) OZ Instant Messeger. You will want to have unlimited SMS or
    be prepared for huge bills. Sorry, I don't have a link.
    05-24-09 12:05 AM
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    If you're with T-Mobile, call them and they will send you the link to download it.

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    05-24-09 12:41 AM