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    Hi Guys ! ,,,, So i'm going to buy a bb soon (9900) ... But i want to know something as i Listen to songs pretty much a lot ! ,, i have Nokia XpressMusic right now and i have a sennheiser Ear-buds (CX300II) .. and my question is :

    Is it different to listen to music from a phone to other (Quality and Volume) ? and of course im talking about via Headphones/Ear-buds but NOT the Speakers of the phone itself ... or it just Depends on the Headphones/Ear-buds Themselves ?

    And how i can know which is better IF there were Differences ?!

    in other Side of those Questions Above ..
    What do you think about the System included in bb ? like the Equalizers and Boosters and other things ..
    Do they really do a great job ? or Rather to buy an Ipod instead ? or keep my XpressMusic ?

    Thanks for reading and sorry i feel Stupid Asking the Questions though ;P
    But im a real big fan of songs so its Important to me ..
    Note that im going to buy a big Headphones as soon as i get my hands on the bb ..
    10-10-11 05:19 AM
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    Anyone ?? O.o
    10-11-11 06:02 AM