1. eshields1014's Avatar
    So I went to sticky's posting clicked aim clicked i agreeded and next and this is the mesg that i get

    Connect your BlackBerry device to the USB port on this computer now to load AOL Instant Messenger for BlackBerry./>

    what am i doing wrong?
    06-25-08 12:19 PM
  2. SOUJAH345's Avatar
    Is AIM loaded onto your phone already? See if your provider can send you the services books so that you can register AIM on your phone again.
    06-25-08 12:30 PM
  3. eshields1014's Avatar
    the curve doesnt come with aim....or any of the stuff i want that stickys got posted
    06-25-08 12:31 PM
  4. SOUJAH345's Avatar
    im not too familar with at&t phones, have you called them to ask if its possible to have those apps loaded onto your phone through a third party vendor?
    06-25-08 12:49 PM
  5. SOUJAH345's Avatar
    Try following the directions and connect the BB to the usb and download the app
    06-25-08 12:50 PM
  6. eshields1014's Avatar
    thats what i was doing its not seeming to work....
    06-25-08 12:57 PM
  7. eshields1014's Avatar
    ok now its telling me this msg

    Unsupported Device

    Sorry, your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support AOL Instant Messenger for BlackBerry.
    06-25-08 01:06 PM
  8. iamjoel5's Avatar
    I pulled this off a technical support page with AT&T

    SUBJECT: Methods to Send and Receive Instant Messages with the RIM BlackBerry Curve 8310
    Ways to Instant Message with the RIM BlackBerry Curve 8310

    IM methods

    FACT: Windows Live Messenger
    RIM BlackBerry Curve 8310
    AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)
    MSN Messenger
    BlackBerry Messenger
    Yahoo! Messenger
    SYMPTOM: Instant Messaging (IM)
    ADVISORY: Standard Instant Messaging charges may apply.
    Instant Message (IM) methods supported by AT&T are outlined below. Additional support for any other IM client application must be directed to the product vendor.
    There are three methods of sending and receiving Instant Messages on the RIM BlackBerry Curve 8310:

    BlackBerry Messenger

    BlackBerry Messenger allows text conversation between BlackBerry users.

    MEdia Net

    This method allows text-only Instant Messages to be sent through the standard MEdia Net and requires a user to log into MEdia Net first.
    06-25-08 02:41 PM
  9. iamjoel5's Avatar
    I also tried downloading it using my browser, i have the curve 8310 as well and it says my BB does not meet the system requirements. I guess u cant have AIM on the 8310
    06-25-08 02:43 PM
  10. eshields1014's Avatar
    What exactly is media net, is tha tlike being online, does that cost money. With my old phn it only cost txt msg not using internet ussage....how do i long into media net?
    06-25-08 03:39 PM