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    Hi all,
    The Torch is my first BB with Wifi capability and I want to verify that if I'm connected to a wifi network and am playing radio (ie. TuneIn radio) I'm not paying cell charges?
    Fyi I'm on the Telus network.
    02-12-11 03:09 PM
  2. DawgMan's Avatar
    When you're connected to wifi the wifi icon on your home screen will be high lighted. When not connected, the icon is greyed out.
    02-12-11 03:13 PM
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    I use slacker radio on (AT&T) all the time at school on their Wifi, about 20 hours a week. I tested it by turning off the radio and it still functions. Then I knew it was able to run on the Wifi only. I am sure someone on here knows of a way to verify what's running at the moment. I check my usage a lot and so far I have had know noticeble increase due to streaming on Wifi.

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    02-12-11 03:18 PM
  4. mark_rivers19's Avatar
    you're not paying since you're not using the TELUS network when you're on WI-FI.
    so enjoy your music and give your wallet a break
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    02-12-11 03:18 PM
  5. pmccartney's Avatar
    If you really want to be sure you are on wifi, TuneIn Radio has a setting that allows you to specify that you don't want it to work, unless you are on a wifi connection.
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    02-12-11 04:12 PM
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    Thanks all.
    02-13-11 01:17 AM