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    I'm a Nextel user, and for the moment, I do not have my Blackberry (8350i) registered.. I can use my current SIM card and plug it in, allowing me to make calls - but I'm not sure if I am supposed to or not - or what will happen because of my couple uses... (I don't plan on making calls with it again until I register it, but if anyone knows if this will become an issue, please let me know).

    I realize I can use Wi-Fi without a data plan, but I have a question that digs a little deeper...

    When I register my blackberry, I am assuming it will open up Nextels wireless service... if I prioritize my Wi-Fi over that and download data while connected on my home-connection, will that stuff be charged to my account without a data plan?

    Currently, I have the unregistered SIM in my phone, and have my wireless account added... I browsed a couple pages before calling Nextel Customer Care to see if this would be a problem. I want to double-check here, as the Nextel guy told me I would get charged, but to my knowledge, I'm really NOT going to, right? I think the guy was confused by my question, as I may have explained it poorly... I mean, I don't see how they could charge me, as the phone's SIM card isn't registered yet... unless when I do register it, they tell me "Oh, you've viewed x amount of web pages, accumulating y amount of Kbs..." But that's not going to happen, correct?

    Anyway, if I can use Nextels Wi-Fi to receive any incoming SMS messages, while using MY personal Wi-Fi or my College Wi-Fi to download crap or browse the web without having to worry about data fees, I much rather do that than the 40 bucks a month... Would it work like this?

    It's hard to explain over the phone- and rather than wait two weeks to explain this in person, i figured I would give these forums a shot...

    Also, let's say I Send/Receive 300 SMS messages a month, that comes out to roughly how many KB's? I'm unsure of how big they are in KB size... but I don't think they're too large - unless there is a picture attached...

    Thanks a bunch!
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    I don't use but: Opera browser has wifi only mode I believe so you can make sure it doesn't connect to your mobile network. I am not sure on how you get charged for SMS's cause I live in Africa right now but: I am sure for sms you only get charged for the number sent. I think you are talking about MMS
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