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    hi i have blackberry pearl flip and i tried downloading the e buddy mobile messenger. the download was fine but when it starts installing it e buddy give me the message " your jave settings needs to be turned on" blah blah blah... the question is 1st how do i turn the java settings on or where do i find these settings? 2nd is does ebuddy mobile messenger work on bb pearl flip.?

    another thing is im currently using a pay as you go sim on the bb does that affect the java settings? i can surf the net on the bb using wifi but i cant use yahoo messenger or e buddy or gtalk using wifi... on yahoo and gtalk all the bb doeas is stays on the log in screen and keeps logging in but nothings happening.. your reply would be very much appreciated thanks in advance.
    02-16-09 07:26 AM
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    not really sure but check your options menu for browser settings, might be in advanced. make sure the java is enabled. not w/ ur carrier so i just couldnt tell ya much more.
    02-16-09 08:08 AM
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    i must have checked all the options i can possibly check but i did not see anything that says java.. i went to advance options and found the Application menu i checked it and saw all the apps i have i selected ebuddy and edited permissions from "default to allow" can you use the yahoo messenger using wifi? if yes why cant i use it? hers the exact message i get. "your internet settings must be activated for java applications or try again later. check your phone manual or ebuddy.com on how to do this if this doest work you can always use our lite messenger"
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    02-16-09 08:49 AM