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    So i went from the Curve 8900 on ATT to the Droid on verizon (yes stupid move on my part for shying away from my BB, but i digress)

    On my Curve, using Beejive, i used to get instant buddylist refresh (or at least near instant) I never waited for my buddy list to reload or anything, and with little impact on my battery life compared to what i am about to say. Now that i am on my droid, im noticing that whenever i use a program, it refreshes my buddy list only when i access the program, and any IM programs (such as meebo or eBuddy) greatly drains my battery.

    So my question is this:
    Is it just battery, or is there something about BiS compared to the basic verizon internet plans that makes programs like BeeJive and IM+ work better? Or is it the fact that it was on ATT and not Verizon?
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    One thing you have to keep in mind is that RIM is very much known for their ability to compress data. 80+% compression when using BIS. More data transfer = generally longer to transfer = more battery life used. The more your device does, for longer, the worse the battery. Generally speaking of course.
    03-05-10 09:04 PM
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    So BiS is compressed data, meaning a shorter download, and saved battery compared to the general verizon internet... so by me going back to blackberry and BiS will solve many of my internet and battery life woes?
    03-05-10 09:12 PM
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    Yeah. Blackberry phones just do amazing with battery life and I love that when messaging.
    03-06-10 01:53 AM