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    Connected to my home network, well, says its connected. But is the wifi symbol supposed to be shaded or full on brightly lit up? I've seen it brighter on other BB's, and my curve still runs really slowly when "connected". Also, in the 'manage networks' folder, the wifi connection has a dash not a check like the mobile network. . Am I doing something wrong?

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    08-14-10 10:36 AM
  2. sprint_fan's Avatar
    If it is shaded/grey looking, it means that your connected to the wifi network but it isn't connected to your bis server. You can tell if your phone is using the wifi network in the browser because the signal bars will be replaced with the wifi symbol. Sometimes the phone won't connect to wifi networks sometimes, but when you start using data it will connect and use that instead (or that's what my 8530 does). Try turning off your mobile network and just using the wifi, and see if it will connect and be able to use the internet.

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    08-14-10 04:06 PM