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    I often connect to open, public Wi-Fi networks with my Bold since it's faster and was wondering how secure is the Wifi BIS connection between my blackberry and whatever BIS server it connects to?

    In other words, would it be safer to browse the web with my BB via a public wi-Fi network than say, a Windows laptop as long as I use a BIS connection and not the "Hotspot Browser" which bypasses this?
    08-25-10 12:56 PM
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    I also have this question.

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    08-27-10 01:00 PM
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    it will be the same as your wireless connection (ie 2G, 3G). BIS email uses triple DES encryption. The encryption occurs at the BIS infrastructure so when it is passed to the NOC for delivery to the device it is already encrypted.
    The decryption happens on your device independent of how it got there (2G vs 3G versus wi-fi)

    Browsing --> a little different. straight http will be wide open, just as it is on your laptop (however interecepting this data into anything useful is difficult because RIM browsers < OS6 use proprietary transcoding that only their browser can understand. For OS 6 ie torch it uses standard html and I am unsure if it is transcoded or not. I do not believe it is. sorry for the tangent)

    https is okay although RIM fakes TLS and I am suspicious of their SSL ( i think it is faked out also) so i tend to view it as semi-secure. again wif-fi will have no bearing on your decision.
    if you are comfortable accessing https sites with 2G and 3G then wif-fi will be the same.
    08-27-10 02:07 PM
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    How does the use of a 3rd party browser affect this?

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    01-06-11 11:56 AM