1. kcmo's Avatar
    Hi Guys/Gals,

    I just did my first media sync with my new 9810 to get my songs in iTunes on my phone. All went well but when it was complete, there was an error message saying that 40 songs didn't sync to my Torch because of DRA (or maybe it said DRM) restrictions.

    Can someone explain this? It has something to do with iTunes protection right?

    I want to be sure that any music I purchase from iTunes will be able to sync over to my Torch since that's where I purchase music from.

    03-16-12 11:02 AM
  2. aespo's Avatar
    I believe it it DRM because I have never heard of DRA. lol DRM stands for digital restrictions management. Basically, the media is coded so that you can't copy published work. With this being said, I would guess that the 40 songs that wouldn't go through are songs off of a CD..? If so, I honestly don't know a way around that unless you do what most people are doing and download the songs off of the internet using youtube and a website to convert youtube videos to mp3, but that could be a hassle since you have 40 songs.
    03-20-12 10:44 AM