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    Okay, i've searched everywhere for an answer.. I have Verizon Wireless, I'm leaving to Mexico in about a week or so and I want to know if my Storm will work there? I tried phoning a Verizon rep but got stuck on about 30 min wait time with no response....I'm just looking for some clarity thanks alot!
    01-18-09 01:46 AM
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    I spent 10 seconds and here is what I found

    Traveling Internationally? With your Verizon Wireless phone you can stay connected while outside of the U.S. in over 40 destinations, or on a Cruise Ship.

    In an Overseas Destination: Use your Verizon Wireless digital phone in select destinations while roaming on a participating carriers network.
    On a Cruise Ship: Verizon Wireless Cruise Ship Services enable you to make and receive calls while traveling on select cruise lines for a low rate of $2.49 a minute.

    How It Works
    1. Check for Service: Refer to our Coverage Maps to see whether this service is available in your destination or cruise line.

    2. Dial *611 or call (800) 899-4249 or contact a Verizon Wireless representative to enable International Roaming.

    3. Roam: When you arrive at your destination, make and receive calls using your phone.

    Calling From Mexico

    01-18-09 02:00 AM
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    Thank you! Apparently you have much greater skills when it comes to searching lol!
    01-18-09 02:06 AM