1. ncmomgoinczy's Avatar
    I had set up my Password Keeper but what I am noticing is that once I am in it and idle for a few seconds to a few minutes it does not go back to the screen where you have to enter your password to get into the password keeper. I thought that it was suppose to automaticaly go back to that screen when idle. At least that's what I recall seein and hearing on a video demonstration. Any answers?
    07-07-10 07:31 AM
  2. ncmomgoinczy's Avatar
    Do you care to elaborate on that?
    07-07-10 07:58 AM
  3. blueyestm's Avatar
    mine goes back to the screen if i'm idling for any period of time...have you tried a reboot and tried again?
    07-07-10 07:59 AM
  4. ncmomgoinczy's Avatar
    Nope, not working. What's the point of the password keeper if it's not going to revert back to the password screen to get into your passwords???
    07-07-10 08:33 AM
  5. FF22's Avatar
    Mine "closes" if I don't use it. What device/OS do you have that might help someone figure it out.

    The limitation I had with it was that sometimes I wanted to work on my pc and it does not have a desktop version. Otherwise I used it regularly on the bb.
    07-07-10 08:50 AM
  6. mas3222's Avatar
    Mine asks for the password if I even simply just go to another program for a second

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    07-07-10 10:44 AM
  7. chhare's Avatar
    Like mas3222 noted, if I go to another program and don't close out of Password Keeper, it will ask for my password when I go back into PK. But, if I let the phone idle while in PW, when I come back to it I am still in the screen before the time-out. Is it supposed to go back to the password entry screen? I wouldn't leave PW open in the first place, but it is a good question.
    07-07-10 11:04 AM
  8. ncmomgoinczy's Avatar
    I have OS 5.0.0395. I've only had the phone for a couple of months. I don't have a password set to get into my phone, just for the password keeper, which it does not go back to the password screen when idol.
    07-07-10 01:31 PM
  9. T
    Mine asks for the password again if I switch applications. For instance, if I'm in pk and switch to the browser, it asks for the password again when I switch back to pk.

    To me it makes sense -- I just remember to close pk or lock my phone -- but I can see how a time out setting (like for phone lock) might be a nice added feature. I also use a password to lock my phone, and that has an idle timeout setting.
    07-07-10 03:57 PM
  10. RegE's Avatar
    If you leave the app idle, the screen times-out but the app is still open and running - it won't ask for password upon waking the phone. If you put PK in the background, it will prompt for password upon reopening.
    07-07-10 04:30 PM