1. jchatman1's Avatar
    I just bought my 8320 curve from tmobile this week, and how do i know if it came with a media or memory card?and where is it in the phone? and do they usually give you those cards when you buy the phone or do you have to buy them seperate?

    1. Where does the memory card, and the media card go in the blackberry?


    2. Does a memory card, and or media card come in the blackberry when you buy it?
    08-10-08 10:55 PM
  2. Duvi's Avatar
    1 * It goes in the back under the battery.

    2 * You don't usually get one. You more than likely will have to buy one. As is, your berry can utilize a 4gb. With 4.5, it can go to 8gb.
    08-10-08 10:57 PM
  3. flchick75's Avatar
    My sprint one came with a 1GB card. You might have one, just check it out. I think sprint gave them with the phone because they weren't selling them for real cheap like a lot of carriers since they had just came out. I'm not sure why they did and a lot of them didn't. I know Verizon didn't give their customers a card, the verizon guy was surprised when I told him. I bought a 4GB and I put lots of music on it!! You can get them for around 50 bucks at a store on a non sale price. I'd shop around though. I got impatient and didn't.

    Memory card and media card are the same thing.
    08-10-08 11:16 PM
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    08-10-08 11:30 PM
  5. nails1's Avatar
    You can buy a 4gb card online at places like newegg for around $20.
    08-11-08 10:52 AM