1. bdearen's Avatar
    hey guys bought a rocketfish ubs bluetooth adapter. My laptop didn't have a built in bluetooth reciever. I read on here to use the default windows drivers which I did. After it installs and pairs everything there is a question mark by my 9700 when I go to control panel > bluetooth devices. Try to troubleshoot its saying it cannot find the drivers. I start desktop manager it finds my 9700 and will connect with bluetooth. However the mobile internet button is greyed out. I have always been able to tether with a wired usb connection so I am not sure why the button is greyed out when the connection is bluetooth instead of wired usb. Is it not possible to tether via bluetooth? Also whenever the computer restarts I get an error HID Data has stopped working. It only does this when the bluetooth dongle usb adapter is inserted. Any ideas on what to do? Also now when I go back and try to use the wired usb connection it says failed to start after clicking the mobile internet button.
    12-19-10 10:42 PM
  2. catberryday's Avatar
    I don't know enough about your problem to help but I had a bluetooth issue with the rocketfish adaptor and my 9700. So maybe they are incompatible? In short this is what happened. A stupid windows update rendered my current bluetooth adapter useless (it updated the drivers) so I got the rocketfish one. When I finally got it to work with my computer and connect to my phone it would cause my phone to suddenly reboot on its own and do weird things. It happened nurmerous times. With the help from the cb forum I was able to replace the updated drivers with the toshiba ones (I have a toshiba computer) that worked orginally with my old adapter and no more reboots while connected via bluetooth. I am just wondering maybe there is a compatibility issue there between the rocketfish and the 9700. This may not be the case with you but I just wanted to let you know about it since you mentioned you were using the default window drivers and they seemed to be the cause of my issues.
    12-20-10 01:55 AM
  3. bdearen's Avatar
    Funny you say that... My phone rebooted several times while connected via bt with the rocketfish adapter..Anyways I already returned it to the store can anyone reccomend a good bluetooth usb adapter that is compatible with my 9700?? Thanks
    12-20-10 02:25 AM
  4. catberryday's Avatar
    I am using a kensington adapter and it works beautifully for me once I figured out how to use it. I ordered it off amazon.
    12-20-10 02:27 AM
  5. bdearen's Avatar
    And are you able to tether using bluetooth + the blackberry desktop manager?? If so please provide a link or model number Thanks so much
    12-20-10 02:29 AM
  6. catberryday's Avatar
    I don't tether using bluetooth, if fact I never have tethered at all but I do believe you can because it wanted to use my phone as a modem when I first readded my phone. The one I purchased was the Kensington K33902US model. I would be sure to read up on it to make sure it will work for you before you purchase it.
    12-20-10 02:34 AM