1. Blackberry_Boy's Avatar
    i got myself into a "discussion" yesterday when i noticed a business colleague had changed his bbm caption to: "find me on watsapp; I'm switching to iPhone". After trying to figure out why he said it was "10% function and 90% reliability". The discussion was obviously not going the way he wanted it and abruptly ended when i asked him to explain the reliability issues that he was having. We Canadians did not endure the extent of the shutdown problems that some countries had so I was a little perplexed. I did not get an answer and don't expect one as I suspect the real issue was marketing one and the real factor "coolness" or at least the perception of "coolness".

    Can someone tell me what the "reliability" issues might be he his referring to? He also did say by the way that he would find it harder to type on the iPhone but apparently bad bought himself a new bluetooth keyboard, which i thought more or less defeats the point.
    12-24-11 03:08 AM
  2. recompile's Avatar
    When I think about reliability, I immediately think of RIM. (QNX will bring reliability to a whole new level.)

    He'll be back once the novelty of his new phone wears off. If reliability is what he's after, he's going to be very disappointed in what the competition has to offer.
    12-24-11 03:15 AM
  3. Blackberry_Boy's Avatar
    i told him he'd be back as well, but said it won't be long before he's moved entirely to Apple. i think he's going to find the iPhone a tough one after all these years with his old friend, the bb.
    12-24-11 03:20 AM