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    Hoping someone here can help me out with an annoying little problem that has me too frightened to act.

    When I first got my BlackBerry, my best friend was the very first person on m BBM contact list. I added him by e-mail request, and as a result ended up with a request in my BBM contact list from my very own e-mail address. I don't remember what I did with it (there were 4 menu choices "open", "accept", "decline", and "remove"), but whatever it was I chose deleted my friend from my contact list. Since re-adding my friend (again, via e-mail), I've accumulated more BBM friends. The request is still there, and I imagine that the smiley icon on my home page is there as a result. I would like to get that "contact request" off of my contact list screen and the smiley icon from my home screen, without deleting my entire contact list. Which option would be the appropriate choice, to avoid the hassle of sending out an entirely new batch of invites?

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    09-16-08 08:59 PM